Information Systems Engineering
We help you get MORE from your computer!


We provide the following services:

Consult We learn how you use your computer, and suggest improvements which can provide more benefit than they cost

We help you figure out what you want the computer to do, and document your requirements in technical language.

WE DON'T SELL ANYTHING but our services. Since we don't rely on commission income, we don't have to overcome the human instinct to feather our own nest at your expense.
Contract When computer projects fail, it is often for lack of clear goals. To avoid such failures, we will create a "Professional Services" contract to describe HOW we will work together to meet your needs.

In addition, we will create a Statement of Work for each segment of your project, which will describe exactly WHAT we will do.
Create Guided by Statements of Work, we will modify your computer system to meet your needs, whether that means creating or acquiring something new or using what you already have more effectively.
Train The work is not finished until you can use the new features productively. Whether it means informal demonstrations or formal training sessions, we will ensure that you are up-to-speed before we ask to be paid.

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