Information Systems Engineering
We help you get MORE from your computer!

I WISH my computer would:

  1. Tell me which jobs make me the most money – and cost me the most
  2. Help me create and distribute a newsletter
  3. Make it easier to send the same letter to lots of addresses
  4. Let me read and print barcodes
  5. Take credit cards from my customers
  6. Make it easier to do my Bookkeeping
  7. Sell my products on the Internet
  8. Help me schedule my employees and my equipment better
  9. Track billable time
  10. Protect me from expensive mistakes by finding, fixing and preventing human errors
  11. Automate the standard documents you use (like Contracts), so I don’t have to fill them out by hand
  12. Connect to a badge reader or time clock to keep track of who goes where and when
  13. Help me keep track of tools and inventory so they don’t get lost or stolen
  14. Control lights, machines and other equipment so I don’t have to do it myself
  15. Store my photographs and important documents where I could be SURE I’d find them again
  16. Automatically count things so I don’t have to do it manually
  17. Automatically calculate payroll deductions, print paychecks, and save the YTD totals
  18. Estimate labor & materials for my jobs
  19. Store and retrieve Patient Information and other private data SAFELY
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